UConn SECRET (School of Exploratory Chemistry Research Experience & Training) is an interdisciplinary research experience summer program for high school students. In the course of a week, students work in the laboratories of faculty members at the UConn Chemistry Department. Training includes safety instruction, scientific background information, and research experience. Students gain an appreciation for and valuable exposure to state-of-the art methodologies in the areas of Organic, Inorganic, Polymer, Nano-materials, and Computational Chemistry.

UConn REU is primarily train the Undergraduates from non-Ph.D. granting institutions. We encourage women and students from underrepresented groups to apply to our program. Participants will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of scientific research, experience the rewards of discovery, practice both verbal and written communication of research results, and secure a foundation for making informed decisions regarding future careers. Participants will spend 10 weeks working with faculty and graduate students on research projects at the cutting-edge of chemistry. The research program is accompanied by a series of seminars and a varied social program.

ACS Project SEED is a summer research program for economically disadvantaged students to experience what it’s like to be a chemist.


High schools
Two high school students, Jacqueline Cuevasdesign and Pranati Mathur, spent the summer with us (2016/08). Jacqueline worked on the self-folding of polymer single chains with Srinivas. Pranati worked on the fabrication of supercapacitors using porous oxides with Lei.


REU student design experiments to understand polymer-nanoparticle interaction (2016/06).


Robert Daniels is presenting his research on “Controlled Synthesis of Mesoporous Carbon Nitride/Fe3C nanospheres” (08/2015).


REU sexperiment
One REU student is working on the surface modification of gold nanoparticles (2015/06).