Tremendous progress has been made in the synthesis of polymer and inorganic materials with well-defined chemical components, dimensions and morphologies during the past two decades. The rising demand for the advanced breeds of building blocks towards the new-generation nanotechnology requires more sophisticated designs of compositional materials. Our research focuses on the synthesis, self-assembly and applications of polymers/inorganic hybrid materials improved or newly synergetic properties. The main research topics in our group include,

i) the programmable synthesis and assemblies of hybrid building blocks of polymers/inorganic nanomaterials by designing the macromolecular architectures;

ii) the development of  light-responsive hybrid materials for applications in actuators, drug delivery, self-healing and nano/micro motors;

iii) the design and synthesis of polymer-containing nanomaterials for catalysis;

iv) bio-inspired design of macromolecular catalysts for photosynthesis;

v) hybrid materials for renewable energy conversion and storage applications.